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I’m C. Monk.
I weave stories, for my pleasure, and yours.

Of Blood And Light, a novel by C. Monk

Of Blood & Light

A girl with a secret . . .

In the back of an ambulance, River Greer counts each breath her little sister takes until the final one: Sage’s body is giving up, ravaged by a mysterious illness. The late-night rush to the ER, however, turns into a surreal nightmare when River is abducted and ferried across the universe to the fabled Thule: a world beyond worlds, where Victorian mores collide with magic and Arthurian legend.

. . . meets a knight on a mission to save his land.

There, his grace Hadrian Landevale of Caid is fighting losing battles of his own: to recover Isolde, his runaway wife, and against the blight that threatens the ichor, the source of all life on Thule. To add insult to injury, the captured fugitive Thule pathfinders just brought back from Earth is not his duchess but an eerie doppelgänger.

When it becomes clear that someone on Thule will go to any length to silence River, Hadrian offers his protection to this enchanting, obstinate stranger . . . whose secrets might be the key to saving Thule’s most precious treasure: the light in its blood.

About Me

I’m better known for that other series, but these days I also delve into high fantasy featuring epic adventures, bodice-ripping, and capybaras.

The regrettable byproduct of a Franco-American family, I spent most of my life in Paris, did a short stint in Tokyo, and I now reside in Montreal, Canadia, where I feed the squirrels despite my husband’s frequent admonitions not to do so. Those salt-free tortilla chips have become their chains. They belong to me, now.

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C. Monk, author of Of Blood And Light

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